Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm sitting here at the dentist's office. My teeth are clean and tingly and my dad is in there right now getting his teeth all clean and tingly.

We arrived about 8 minutes before my appointment. This is an accomplishment, as I tend to be late for everything when someone is going with me (when left to my own devices, I'm early and I like it that way). I got called back for my 1130 appointment pretty much on time.

I am now sitting in the waiting room, listening to a gal on her cell phone. She also had an 1130 appointment but arrived early (by about an hour or so). It is now 1215, and counting, and the poor thing is still waiting.

This is like any other medical-type office. You're required to make an appointment and encouraged to arrive early or on time, and charged a fee if you don't show up or have to cancel at the last minute or if you are late. But, the office sure doesn't pay you if you have to wait because of them. This is the paradox of our appointment filled world.

Now 1220 and the lady just got called back. Fifty minutes after her appointment, two hours or so after arriving. All I can say is that I'm glad my hygienist was on time!

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