Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Heathen Among the Choir

I got talked into joining my mother and a group from her church for a fund raising event in Strasburg Pennsylvania. This little excursion was basically a trip to the much-acclaimed Sight & Sound production of In The Beginning. (Don't yell at me for linking, it's only fair!)

The theater was a huge building (yeah, the front page of that clicky up there) that resembled a Middle Eastern style mosque. It really was lovely. The set for the show was really breathtaking, content not so much. Maybe that was just me. Even my mother had a hard time swallowing the "accept Christ as your savior" bit at the end. Though, I will commend them for this: the production was a dramatization of the first few stories in the Bible; what I'm commending the production for is the inclusion of dinosaurs (because, you know, dinosaurs and man lived on the earth at the same time in the same geographic area as lions and moose and deer and giraffe and peacocks and goats and ducks and fig trees).

No, really! See, the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs (because the person who wrote that book didn't know about them) so, kudos to Sight & Sound for at least admitting that dinosaurs were actual creatures on the planet too.

In short, I felt very out of place, and while I was impressed with the technical aspects of the show, I don't need to go back there for another.

After the show, and a brief medical issue with one of the ladies on the trip, it was over to the incredibly well-known Good 'N Plenty Restaurant. I've been there before, actually, many many years ago when my parents took my brother and I to Hershey Park and some of the many attractions in Pennsylvania Dutch country. This place is known for the delectable fried chicken. I have one word for that (is it a word?): YUM!

Then home again, home again!

On the bus ride up, we saw (in the very nice charter bus) Dream Girls. I had been wanting to see that, and Jennifer Hudson was very good and worthy of her supporting actress Academy Award, but I won't be buying it or anything. Much of the singing style in the film just isn't my cup of tea, but I'm happy I saw it anyway.

On the ride back, we saw The Pursuit of Happyness, another film I had been wanting to see. This one was, as I had predicted, very stressful. Stressful as in the main character was met with bad luck after bad luck and it was just stressful to watch. It turned out alright in the end, the person the story was based on even had a little walk on at the end (that was neat!). I probably would have been crying if I wasn't on a bus full of people from my mother's church (though we were all prepared for it). I do recommend, if you haven't, that you see this film. If nothing else, it's a beautiful story of how a person can be on the bottom, but try and try and try and eventually come out on top.

Whew! What a day! I'm so tired! Yard work tomorrow and maybe a nice showing of Shrek 3! (I know this isn't technically a weekend day, but it counts because it felt like a part of the weekend!)

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