Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Won't Stay for Long

I've been working my fingers off today!

You may remember how I've said my work at OBC comes in through e-mail, and how I've said that I average about 60 jobs a day but strive for 80. I may also have mentioned that the most I've ever done in a day was 120 (some two years ago) and the closest I've ever come to that record again was 100, very rarely. Today, in anticipation of my absence from work for the next two days and the weekend and because I've been consistently two weeks behind in jobs because of all the other things they have me doing and because my last day off had no one doing those jobs at all, I far surpassed that one-time record. I did 155 jobs today!

I spent hours focusing, moving nothing but my fingers as I worked. My neck is killing me now! But I got the steady 200+ jobs (exactly 237 this morning) down to a more manageable 114. I feel accomplished. Sore, yes, but that I did very good out-of-office preparation.

Go me!

And now, with that said, I can't look at the computer any more today! Good thing it's almost time to head home.

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