Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Searching for....

I've been trying to think of what to blog today, and I'm just at a loss. I came up with several topics during the drive home, but I can't remember one of them.

My dad and I were able to identify the hawks I've been seeing everywhere and pointing out to him. They're Cooper's Hawks. They're too big to be Sharp-shinned Hawks and too brown to be Northern Goshawks and too thin to be Red-tailed Hawks. I'm starting to really adore this bird. I see at least one every day, to or from work, and sometimes even on weekends when I don't drive through Walney.

I didn't mention that I bought a new porcelain doll on last week's trip to PA, did I? She wasn't at all expensive ($20ish) but far less than my most expensive porcelain (some $70ish, but she's also imported from Ireland and dressed in genuine Irish linen). I don't have a lot of porcelain dolls in my rather large doll collection, but I love the few I have.

I guess I've never really talked about my dolls except to mention the OOAKs on my website. I have more than 100 dolls of various kinds in my collection (Barbie and friends, porcelain, action figures and other toy dolls, some fresh in their boxes, some not).

The most expensive doll in my collection, and I have never even come close to spending this much on a doll before or since, is the $2000 Mary Kay Star Consultant Exclusive. (Google for an image, I don't have pictures.) Technically, I got her legit (meaning I didn't get mine from eBay), she was introduced as one of the rewards in the first quarter of my very very short career as a Mary Kay Consultant. Yes, it took $2000 worth of product to get her, and I'll admit to my incredible failure as a cosmetic seller and independent business owner in that I had to swallow every penny of that cost. I made absolutely no profit, not even a return, on that rather short-lived (year long) business. But, I have a limited edition doll that was made for something I was involved in. That makes me feel kind of special.

She's not my most prized doll either. Actually, I'm not really sure what is, or might be considered such. Maybe the Secret Spells threesome. Or my near complete Princesses of the World collection. Or the beautiful Maiko doll. Gee, I don't know! I guess that's why I collect them! Oh, I really love the Dark Crystal dolls too (they're not Barbies!).

I can actually talk quite a bit about my doll collection, but maybe some day I'll get some pictures to you. And, as you may have guessed, I am a member of the Barbie Fan Club. Though I was late on renewing this year (because the fools didn't send me a notice!! GAH!).

I have an e-mail address (one of 5 or 6) that does nothing but collect spam. My dad even pays for that worse-than-hotmail service! Time to stop rambling about my dolls and clean that out! Ciao!

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