Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm mentally checking the things that I don't have to hang on to when I move. There's quite a lot of clothes and shoes, of course. And also much of my stuffed animals. I even have some of my doll collection that I don't need to keep.

Then there are nicks and knacks that won't be coming with me either. Sometimes, it's quite amazing how much clutter can be accumulated. I don't need all of that.

While I haven't done any major letting go of stuff yet (aside from clothes and shoes), I'm pretty proud of myself that I can recognize what doesn't need to be kept and I'm sure I can be rid of it when the time comes. My house will only have so much room, after all.

I would like to build some shelves around the top of my two bedrooms for my dolls. That's the collection that will be downsized the least (even so, there are a few of these on my "no need to keep" list). There's only a handful of dolls that I want to add to my collection too. So, for all intents and purposes, two to five more dolls and I will consider myself done with that collection. It's healthy to stop somewhere, right?

There is much to do in the less-than-month before I settle on my house. I'll be filling every free moment with some sort of preparation. Be it cleaning what I've got, or painting a wooden key rack like I did last night. It hasn't really hit yet, though. Probably not until I make that first mortgage payment.

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