Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Need an Overtime Song

It's a little strange; I've been working extremely slowly all day, but when overtime got here, I found some new energy. Maybe part of it has to do with WAM.

On Friday, WAM came up to me with determination to tell me there was no more overtime. In actuality, there's plenty of overtime available, I learned that earlier in the week. I just told her I was working on something different and that I hadn't heard to stop doing it. She insisted that she spoke to the supervisor of the group that she was helping out and was told they were all caught up (I knew with certainty that was not true). I repeated, I was doing work for Adolf and Boss², not this other supervisor. It must only mean that the overtime project she was working on was done. No, no. It means there is no more overtime.

I learned from Pat that what it meant was that WAM didn't get enough done to justify being paid overtime, so they told her there was no more (insert: "for you"). I've still got plenty to do!

So, I think I'm working so hard to prove that I am worthy of the extra pay, so they'll keep me on it. Makes sense, right?

And the phone just rang with dad telling me it's time to go (he had a late meeting). Outta here!

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