Saturday, February 09, 2008

Last Day of Yoga

It was a non-stop day altogether. The morning involved the weekly shopping (crickets, things, and food, not all at the same store!). We spent so long in Target that we only had time to pick up the things my grandmother wanted at the grocery store so that we'd still be able to get home, put the frozen stuff away, and get to the yoga class on time. After class, mom took the groceries to her mother while I cleaned the cricket cage, did some laundry, and fed the dragons. (I so enjoy watching them hunt!) Then dad and I went to dinner, because the French toast I had in the morning had long since worn off, and here we are.

While I love that my days are so busy, it'd be nice to be able to sit around once in a while. Even so, I'm still prepping to move, and that is a very involved thing. Tomorrow, when we might otherwise have time to sit around, I plan to do more preparations. Moving the horde of a person who has been in the same place for more than a quarter of a century is not an easy feat! And just in case you think you missed something, I haven't called the sales lady since the last time. I plan to do so on Monday.

I guess I should admit to a bit of sitting around right now. Mom and I might plant ourselves in front of some movie or other before we hit our respective sacks. It's to late to get any major cleaning/sorting/organizing done anyway.

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