Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Even Knew Better

Since we didn't get to do our weekly shopping yesterday, we did that today, after stopping for the best brunch around at a fabulous Irish place on the way to Annapolis. After eating, I developed a yucky headache that lingered through shopping, driving home, and taking a near two hour nap. I had work to do, I didn't need a headache!

When I woke up from my nap to the sounds of fierce wind rattling my windows, I realized the reason for my headache. I had three cups of decaf coffee and a little apple juice with breakfast and that's it. My head needed water! So, I drank one, took an Excedrine (I didn't have a migraine, mind you, dear readers, just a headache), drank some more water, and pushed through to start my cleaning anyway. My mom appeared with some yummy green tea and we had some stir fried greens for dinner, and then my headache started to go away. Perfect, just in time to take out the bag-o-trash and hang up all my Faire garb. There's progress, but I still have a lot to do to make me and my many possessions ready for relocating.

During brunch, I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to have some water. Instead, I had some more coffee (oh, it was so very good!). Yeah, I knew better. I even thought about it and didn't do it. Serves me right, I suppose. But, you know, if it wasn't for my change in diet that took migraines out of my life, that would have been one of those times where it hurt so much that I couldn't even drink to take care of what caused it in the first place. A little reminder to keep sticking to my diet! And to drink some water.

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