Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time to Play

Fox likes to use his birthday weekends to sit around and play some board games. These are usually complex board games that require quite a bit of time for four or five people to play. It's fun to have a time to do this. Really, how often do you get a chance to sit around with some epic board game that you've never heard of?

On Saturday, there were five of us and we played a game called A Game of Thrones. I've been told it's based off a series of books. Four of us played one mini round while we waited for Fae to get off of work, which helped me get a feel for the game as everyone else has played it at least once before. It's a very complex game with lots of things going on. Some of the cards and dynamics are very confusing and required several explanations for several of us. Fox's friend won both the mini game and the big one when we were all there (and he only won because it was 0100 by then and we wanted sleep!). I didn't think too much of this game while playing, but it is actually rather fun. Once you understand what's going on.

We got a late start on Sunday, so we decided to play a somewhat shorter game called Kingmaker. I liked this game when we played it a few years ago (probably also because I won), and I do still like the game, but I just couldn't get myself in any kind of position to be much of a contender for anything. Part of it was choices I made early on, part of it was the luck of the draw. Fae won that game (which we had to call early anyway because of how early most of us have to get moving tomorrow).

One day, I'd like to bring one of my games that I picked up in London, Outrage. I've only played it a couple times so we'd all be at a mostly even start. It might be fun some time.

With that, I'm going to bed!

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Fox said...

Thanks for comming & I had lots of fun.