Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Did You Fare?

I hope everyone got through this period of Mercury retrograde without a scratch (as it were). I hope you found time for some nice quiet reflection and got some things finished or worked on.

I will speak more on this month's full moon later; however, I wanted to make sure everyone is prepared. Tomorrow, February 20th, will see a total lunar eclipse. The entire eclipse will be visible to South America and most of North America (for you West coast folks, the moon will rise in eclipse), and even some of Europe and Africa.

Magickally, an eclipsed moon is a contradiction. At the time we should be celebrating the fullness of the Mother, we see her shrouded like the Crone. It is a powerful and sacred energy. Much like the time of Mercury in retrograde, it is a good time for inner reflection, or for spellwork that involves protection, calming, and guidance. Remember that the moon is full for three days. If you really need something, like prosperity or success, you can work that on the day following the eclipse.

Have a look at NASA's Eclipse Page for some more information and specific times. If you are in the right area, enjoy the view!

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