Monday, February 04, 2008

We Know How to Party

Thanks to the warm-ish weather, we were able to meet Fox and Fae at their apartment and walk the mile to Annapolis in relative comfort. Brunch was alright. One of the things I don't like about this place is that their cooks seem to have issues with grits and cream chipped beef (and yes, the cream chipped beef is on my do-not-eat list, but some days you just have to ignore diet restrictions!), they get them right maybe a tenth of the time. Yesterdays creamy beef dish was quite yummy, but the grits were soup. Grits should be firm, almost mashed potato-y, you should be able to eat them with a fork with ease. Soupy grits is just foul! We also tend to not like the lack of veggies. Really, I think the only reason we go to this place every month is because of the location. One of these, we're going to try their crab dinner. Someday.

There is a better place to go for brunch, actually, there are two. But not as centrally located, and without the nearby shops and the good walking exercise we can get by going to Annapolis. Alas!

After our meal, we had some shops to go to. The first was the comic store where I bought some bags and boards for my new collection. By the way, if any of you, fair readers, have any tips on acquiring comics that are no longer available when eBay fails, I'd love to hear them! Among our shopping, I also bought a new hat (like I need another).

Then we walked back to the car, visited with our friends a bit, and headed home.

We weren't quite hungry for dinner, and we're not Big Game watchers (except dad). We did have a sophisticated Super Bowl party though! We had garlic and bean dip with baked pita and tortilla chips, some ready made hot wings, a delectable French Beaujolais, and some yummy Trader Joe's decaf coffee. Really, why have beer when you can have wine?

I'm happy the Giants won, the Patriots deserved the loss. I didn't watch the game, of course. My mom and I were in the other room with a movie.

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