Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nothing is Normal About This

Because I'm buying a manufactured home, the whole process is treated a little differently. With regular mortgages, the first payment is due the first of a month, thirty days after closing. So, if one were to move in on the 30th of June, the first mortgage payment would not be due until August 1st. According to Pat, who also has a manufactured home, the first payment is due the first of the next month after closing. So, he moved in on something like the 28th of June, and had to make his mortgage and rent payment on the first of July.

It's a little crazy, because they must know that you've just spent every penny of your savings on the down payment, closing costs, and moving expenses. I have it planned out perfectly. The first paycheck of the month will go to the next month's mortgage payment, and the second paycheck will go to the next month's ground rent. For example, the first check I get in April will pay May's mortgage, and the second check I get in April will pay May's rent. However, I'm moving in on March 14th, a non-pay week (the first paycheck of March is covering moving costs). If I have to start making my payments in April, I'll only have the second paycheck of March to do it on (which is enough to cover mortgage or rent, not both). Everybody following here?

I don't have it confirmed that my first payment will be due in April, but in anticipation of this, I am working overtime like a mad fool. Well, as much as I can, anyway. I am so thankful to Adolf and Boss² for even having it available right now. As it seems, there's a lot of work to do, so it should last a while too. This means I should be able to work enough to make enough to cover all of those sudden expenses and my first mortgage. The only drawback to this is that I'm here working and not at home cleaning and packing. And other activities take me away from cleaning and packing on weekends. Timing isn't really in my favor with regards to that. Every thing will work out, because it has to. I'll know what it's like to sleep again someday too!

I hope everyone who could got the chance to view the lovely eclipse last night, or to at least feel its energy if it was blocked from your view!

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