Friday, February 15, 2008

Impromptu Simple Candle Spell

I love simple candle spells. If you need to do a little magic, light a candle (of course, it's more involved than that).

Today, I had occasion and need for a simple spell. Even though Mercury is still in retrograde, all other conditions lined up perfectly. The first is that the moon is waxing, a perfect time for calling something to you. The second is that it is morning, the day is just getting started, yet another perfect time for calling something to you. The third is that I ordered early enough so that the right supplies would be here when I needed them. And the time to work on this need presented itself.

I am looking to change my residence. Without going too much into detail, this is something that I desperately need. My current living arrangement, while allowing quite a bit of freedom, is choking me in other ways. I started the ball rolling in December. This afternoon, I have an appointment to see the dwelling I've been considering, and possibly put a contract on it.

I took a brown candle, brown being the color of homes, and placed it in a sun-shaped pewter holder. With my right index finger, I carved a little house into the wax. I then filled myself with my need and charged my candle with it. I gave it some Reiki for that extra push, and set it down in front of the fireplace in the South wall. I cast my circle and called on the goddess Hestia, goddess of the hearth and the eternal flame. I told the goddess of my need and my desire and lit the candle. I meditated before it, reflecting on what I need to happen this afternoon, opened my circle, and left the candle to burn down, releasing the energy to work towards my goal.

And this goal has been on my mind for years, but I had every time prior to now hit a complete and utter dead-end. There are no more dead ends. This is the final option, and it is going to go in my favor. I need it to, and I know the goddess will help me make it happen.

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