Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Know There's Something Wrong With Me

Ah, WAM. WAM is like my best friend. She tells me everything that's going on in her life.

WAM likes to talk about her boyfriend. This was someone she's known from high school. They reconnected at their reunion last fall, and she's been telling me how he loves her and is going to move down here (from Ohio) and is going to marry her. He even made plans to visit in December, but never actually showed up because he was "testing" her. On Friday, she told me that her mother strongly objects to him.

She's never actually wanted my advice with regards to this, so I've learned to just listen. She'll take the advice of the psychic she talks to almost daily during her lunch break, though.

Anyway, WAM came up to me on Monday morning so that I could have the honor of being the first person to see her ring. It is very pretty. Knowing that bf lives in Ohio, I asked how he got it to her (did he visit over the weekend, ship it to her with some flowers, what?). Then she told me that the ring is actually her mother's ring, and she had given it to WAM to wear until her bf could actually come down and give her a real ring. The version of the story that I got didn't actually involve him at all. Apparently, WAM has thought better of circulating the truth and has taken to telling people that he had called her mother and asked directly for the ring (remember, mother doesn't like him).

As the story goes, he is supposed to come down this weekend. They don't want a ceremony and instead want to get married by a JP on Monday. Then, he will have to go back to Ohio on Tuesday for a fortnight or so, and then he'll be able to move down here, where they will find an apartment and live happily ever after.

I know WAM is annoying most times and fills my days with fantastical stories all other times, but that doesn't mean I want to watch her set herself up for stupendous disappointment, and then a messy legal entanglement. She doesn't tell me because she wants my advice. So I can only hope she knows what she's doing, and am more than capable to let her stumble all over this if it should go that way.

Now, if WAM's story is true, crazy as it may seem, then I have confirmed there is something wrong with me. If WAM; crazy, anti-reality WAM, can (while living with mother) get a boyfriend, I should have no problem. Maybe I need to rethink that whole convent thing that I was so set on when I was younger.

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