Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here's Something Funny

I forgot to tell you about this yesterday! While we were wandering around Annapolis after brunch on Sunday, I managed to get a rather painful episode of hiccups. Hiccups are annoying most times, but this really hurt! We went into a really neat store that sells Irish imports (clothes, books, hats, Waterford Crystal). Fae and Fox were trying to scare me to get the hiccups to stop. That never works when it's done by people I trust. As we were standing before the bookshelves, I reached up to get something from the top shelf, and the thin book next to it fell over, right at my face! It didn't land on me or anything, or even fall off the shelf, but the shock was enough to cure my hiccups. Yahoo! I scared them out of myself! Fox ended up buying that book, so the next time I get painful hiccups, he can throw the book at me.

I'll hope you'll forgive my punning, but it really did happen!

E-Bay came through for me last night. I had decided to look for more comics, since the publisher's seller is out of stock of most of what I need. I found a lot of 17, half of which I don't already have, in fairly new condition (he said he read them once and bagged them), for a little less than two bucks an issue, including shipping. I'll take it. Now, whatever shall I do with the comics that will now be duplicates....

An Australian seller has a Good Mark necklace available. I'd so love to have that, but I don't have the hundred and sixty bones to spare for it either. One day, I'll make one like I did the rings for my costume. One day.

My mind is nowhere near work today. I haven't worked a full five days for two weeks, maybe I got too used to it. Ah, well, I just have to suffer through this week and most of next, I'm off next Friday. Of course, then it's back to the five days a week, but that's life. I'll get used to it again. I could be like some of my friends who don't even get weekends off on a regular basis. Of course, these people also have a much more enjoyable and stimulating job than I do, and without the hours-long commute, so it's probably a little bit easier to deal with. (And don't you come here telling me it's not, because you know I won't believe you!)

This warm weather makes us want kayaking season to return sooner rather than later. It'll get cold by the end of the week, but right now, we're ready for Spring. Flowers, festivals, and warm water. Soon enough. Tempus fugit. Except when you're sitting at work bored silly....

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Fox said...

The events did happen that way & the book on Early Irish Lake Dwellings "Crannogs" is right by the door ready to be used again.