Monday, June 16, 2008

Bunny Therapy

Fox and I went to the Virginia Renaissance Festival yesterday to visit with dad. It was warm, but not too hot and humid. Actually, it was one of those days where heat exhaustion sneaks up on you. We didn't drink as much as we could have, so by the time the end of the festival rolled around, we both had a headache and couldn't wait for dad to finish cleaning up before going to dinner (and getting into some nice air conditioning).

Fox has asked me to teach him how to make origami bunnies. So, we sat in the cool Red Robin with Freckled Lemonade and water making bunnies and waiting for food. Before food arrived, my headache cleared up. I don't know if it was the Excedrin, the a/c, the water or sugary beverage, or the distraction - the calm that I always seem to get when folding, and particularly when folding something I know. Even if my student needed lots of practice! Maybe it was all of those things.

I'm taking Miss Luna to the condo with me today. I hope she'll sleep most of the way because this is going to be the longest car ride she's ever been on. I meant to ask the doctor for a sedative, but I forgot. Here we go!

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