Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Poor Miss Luna spent most of the day under my bed. Around 0030, she decided she wanted out of my room and clawed at the carpet a little (GAH!!). She managed to get the door open, I guess I didn't have it shut all the way, then wandered around the home meowing. I wonder if she was wondering where the other cats were (safe behind the closed door of my roommate's room). They're going to stay there today so the kitties can sniff at each other through the closed door, and Miss Luna gets her run of the place since she can't deal with closed doors. Unfortunately, her mewing all night meant that little sleep was had by me, particularly since I kept getting up trying to calm her down.

It's going to take time. She's never moved before, and never lived with a cat who wasn't Callie. This is all very new to her. Callie should have been taken to the vet this morning for her blood tests. I hope dad got her in the cage ok. We always have problems getting the cats in a cage. It's like they suddenly summon super-feline strength to fight us off. I only got Miss Luna yesterday by bringing cat and cage into the bathroom, where she couldn't push against the slippery floor and couldn't go far if she got away from my grasp. I'll have to remember that trick for next time.

I do wish I could have stayed home with her one more day. I hope she's alright, and I really hope she's eating something. Does anyone have any 'moving with cats' stories that might help me understand what may be going through her little cat-brain and how to deal with it?

I'm pretty cranky today because of my little sleep, yet another reason why I wish I was home with my kitty. I feel like I'm getting mad at everything. A great black wasp landed on my cube wall this morning. A nice coworker got rid of it before it ate me. I think I'm even annoyed because I promised to do something this weekend. While I'm happy to be doing it, it's not exactly in the capacity that I wanted, and I wish it wasn't this weekend. I still haven't spent a weekend at home since moving. I hate those days when I'm upset with everything.


Willow Goldentree said...

While you and your roomie are home, and as soon as possible, I'd suggest letting all the cats get to know each other and explore together. This is new territory for all of them, so letting them explore it together will also allow them to get used to each other. Each cat will think the other was there first, and tread lightly for a very long time.

When we first got Bandit in Anaheim, and he moved into our apartment that Pandora had been Queen of for almost 2 years, she didn't want him around. But he just LOVED her! He'd follow her everywhere and she threw a fit. She wouldn't sleep with us anymore.

Several months later we moved to Boise and let them explore the new house together. Because they got to do this as a "team," they became the best of friends instantly. Then we brought in Ashtoreth, and you know the rest of that story. So, we need to move again, let them explore the new place together and make their own new territory at the same time.

I hope that helps. I think the cats will be too busy looking around a new place to want to attack each other.

Also, you can now buy this air-freshner looking thing that creates a calm atmosphere in your home. It's called feliway and really helps Pandora when we're out of town. http://petco.com/Shop/SearchResults.aspx?Nav=1&N=0&Ntt=feliway

Fyrecreek said...

Hmm, I'll look for that. Thanks!

The only reason why this doesn't work is because my roommate's cats have already been there for two weeks. They've established their territory and I'm adding Miss Luna to it a little late. Hopefully it won't mess with the balance too much. I really want her to eat something.

Willow Goldentree said...

Oh, poor baby! Have you tried putting her food in your room for the time being? We all send our love to your little love. :)