Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Magic

We won't have internet here until Thursday (we hope!). How am I posting, you ask? How, indeed!

I still have things to build, and I'm going to be heading home for a small load of boxes. I'd rather do that today than tomorrow, during the work day. Depending on how much I get built and put away today, I might spend tomorrow sitting around the house.

I know it's not a house, but it's not my parent's house either!


Anonymous said...

Its been awhile since we've talked. I miss you! I'm glad that you've moved out & now you have a girls pad. Without putting my name down... I've know you since you where about 12ish. Another hint is "Barbie stuff", now you may know whom this is.
Give me a call or send me an email. SS

Fyrecreek said...

(I know I told you that you didn't have a name here when you asked, I had forgotten I did actually reference you once or twice).

I haven't forgotten the Barbie stuff. I've been meaning to call you, and someday I will, dangit!