Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Full Strawberry Moon

I hope everyone had a wonderful Esbat. This moon was so named by the Algonquin tribes because June is the time for harvesting strawberries. Some further research shows this was called the Rose Moon in Europe, and roses sure are in bloom around now.

Spring is winding down and the official start of summer is almost upon us (meteorologically, we're nearly halfway through summer). The days are still long, the nights are still short, and the temperature climes daily in many places (unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere). It's a great time to feel the life of the planet in abundance.

I was going to do something completely different for this Esbat. I was going to recharge the charm bag I made at the Snow Moon so it fits my new dwelling, but something else came up suddenly. One of my dear cats has developed diabetes in her near-old age. I'm convinced it was a side effect of some medication she was on at the start of the year for a knee injury (and it is a common side effect) and so am feeling entirely guilty for giving her those pills in the first place. I also feel guilty that I could not take her with me when I moved and had to leave her with my parents, who may or may not be up for the challenge of caring for a diabetic cat.

In my new home, my altar is out and ready to be used whenever the need strikes me. Before moonrise, I gathered my materials and set everything up. I used a powdered rose incense for love, a blue candle for tranquility and healing, and set a rose quartz, again for love, and a bloodstone on my altar pentacle. The incense and quartz are to help my cat know I love her even if I can't have her with me. The candle is to help bring her peace and healing, as I'm sure she doesn't understand why she always feels hungry, and in anticipation of insulin shots which may make her nervous. The bloodstone is the best at healing matters of the blood (while diabetes is not a blood disease, it is blood-related as a metabolism issue). (For some reason, the picture came out very green!)

After my ritual bath (I used a hand-made rose scented soap to keep with my theme), I cleared my space with my besom, cast my circle with my wand (made of a wood that happens to be healing-specific), and lit the altar candle, spell candle, and incense. Wand in hand, I sat before my altar and conjured up a vision of my cat. I drew energy from the elements into my wand, and then from my spell-specific tools: the blue candle, the rose quartz, and the bloodstone, spending the most time with the bloodstone. I pulled energy from these into the wand, and from myself, and from the divine source of Reiki, and I felt the presence of the cat I was able to take with me in my circle, sitting calmly and lending her energy (something she has never done before). When I felt the needed energy had been raised and my wand was thoroughly charged, I sent that energy to my cat. The visualization saw her sleeping soundly cradled within the petals of a soft rose: calm, safe, happy, and getting well again. I finished my ritual with a Reiki session, then opened my circle and let the incense burn out. I did snuff the candle, but I will light it again this evening so it can burn out in a safe manner.

Here is one other (rather dark) picture at the conclusion of my ritual spell with my cat, Miss Luna, patiently lying upon the bed, where she was for the duration.

This Esbat also saw an end to the second Mercury retrograde period of the year. Hopefully, you found yourself unaffected and were able to use that time for some likely needed quiet reflection.

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