Friday, June 13, 2008

Yet Another Move

Boss² decided that WAM, someone who works behind me, and I were too far away from the group, so we get to move our desks closer. Today!

Now, one of the supers sent an e-mail today that stated the IT department would move our computers and phones for us after we leave for the day, and we should move our personal affects before we leave for the day. WAM decided to move her desk after lunch. She's apparently also a part of the IT department, because she moved her computer, or rather, asked the other coworker who is moving to move her computer. Now, I'm good with computers. I can unplug everything, move everything, plug everything back in, and find my computer working just fine. But, the e-mail stated IT guys would move it, so I'm going to leave those things and take my personal stuff as instructed. It baffles me that WAM, who wouldn't know a megabyte if she were megabit, would move her computer when she needs help instead of letting the professionals do it.

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