Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Great Flood

There were big storms in the area on Saturday when I was moving in. It put a little damper on my very precise time table (with a whole lot of damp) but really didn't get in the way. My mother discovered a leaky window in the dining room. I called the management guy and left a message. It rained on Tuesday too, if I remember correctly, and I did check the window. There was no water sitting on the sill that day.

We had a number of tornado-producing storms last night. Power went out all over the place (the office was on generator power and we were all ordered to shut down our computers). I knew the forecast was for rain, but I forgot to put some towels by the window as a preemptive measure. Sure enough, the sill was holding a nice puddle of water. It wasn't spilling over the wall and onto the floor, but it was there. I cleaned that up and my roommate made mention of calling the management guy again in the morning. Then, more storms came through.

This was kind of exciting. We were settling down for a nice evening of While You Were Sleeping with pizza and stout. It was actually the first chance we actually had to eat dinner at the same time (excepting when we went out with a friend on Sunday). The rain started, and started fiercely, and I watched it pour over the side of the building and onto our window. Then I watched the track fill with water and spill onto the sill. Then we scrambled for every towel we had (which wasn't much) to sop it up. At least we know the reason for the leak: the gutter is full of leaves and it's just spilling over. I took pictures and we called the management guy and had to leave a message.

The bright side to the story is that the management guy lives nearby and was heading out anyway to pick up his family at the airport, so he was able to come by, and see what we were talking about, give us advice on how to deal with it to minimize damage, and assure us he would contact the association to clean the gutter and eliminate the problem. We also got to tell him the dryer exhaust was not connected and is all bent up in places. He mentioned something about recommending the landlord get a smaller dryer (because what's in there really is too big for that room). I don't know if that means someone will come out to take care of it or what; we can't reach the thing because the room is so small.

Welcome to my life as a renter!

I had attempted to conceal from WAM that I was moving somewhat nearby. It didn't last. At all! The reason for this was because I knew she was going to start suggesting that we spend social time together. I was right, she talked about it this morning. I'm only going to be able to make excuses for so long before I just have to tell her no. I hope she doesn't go too postal on me when that day comes. Bleh!

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