Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Sure What I Want To Do

Hit something, scream, throw something, I don't know, but something!

Adolf is back after a long hiatus. One of the three people in my group is not here for a week. WAM and I have to cover for her. One of the other groups is falling behind. Adolf has ordered that we cover for them.

In Adolf's last e-mail, the instructions were kindly written, as in 'please do this.' I was close to replying with "please hire more people." One fill in I can take. Two, I will grumble, but do it. Three is pushing it. Upon reading the fourth assignment, I got a sudden headache and felt nauseous. In addition to the extra work, there is no overtime. And I'm still expected to get all of my regular stuff done. Something will give somewhere.

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