Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The World of Junk Mail

The problem with ordering things online is that you suddenly find yourself on a number of mailing lists. Most of them are things you're not interested in. Just because you bought one coat from Newport News doesn't mean you're interested in anything from Dalia, for example. However, sometimes those lists you find yourself on can be packed with gems. In this case, it was literal!

Unless it's something I know I don't care about (like clothes), these catalogues find themselves in the trash right away (what a waste!!), but some of them might actually have something I like in it, and I'll look through them.

I've ordered from a rather well-known online gem store before, but they didn't have the round labradorite that I needed for my project, so I had to go hunting for another store. I found one, and I like them quite a bit, except they must share their mailing lists, because I get catalogues from random craft companies now. One of them was filled with the most adorable lampwork glass beads (small, generally highly detailed glass beads). My mind is buzzing with things I would like to make with them: charm bracelets, stitch markers, funky necklaces. Someday, I will buy a handful and just get to work!

Yesterday, I was itching for my craft stuff. I could have started on another string of prayer beads, but I have a few projects at my parent's place that I'd rather be working on.

My new mattress is rock-hard. I bought a nice, cozy foam mattress topper for it. It made for a better night. Now, if I can just figure out how to hang the new curtain that will keep the street light out of my room....

Little by little!

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