Saturday, June 14, 2008

Part Of It Was Fear

Not only fear because Callie is my baby, but because I didn't want the doctor to yell at me like I was some irresponsible pet owner who didn't take her in soon enough when something was wrong. I used to work for this doctor, I knew from experience that he would not have been shy to tell me so.

He's retiring at the end of the month. We're very sad, because he is the best doctor we could ever have hoped to help us care for our beloved pets. This made him a little frazzled today, because everyone wants that one last visit in before he goes and Saturday is the best day to do it for most. He still listened to my concerns, thoroughly examined my cat, and gave me his opinions and a follow-up appointment next week for some blood tests.

He didn't yell at me, or even imply that we made a mistake. He wasn't concerned about Callie's weight loss (his scales said she's fifteen pounds, she feels like five when I pick her up), but he did ask us questions and went through the examination with some sense of urgency. He told me she's not quite old enough to be suffering from any kind of organ failure, and mentioned the problem may be hypothyroidism. That actually sent quite a bit of relief through me. A thyroid problem means a change in diet and/or some pills every day to manage. We'll find out next week. If there is something wrong in her little kitty system, I hope that's all it is.

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