Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Can Compromise

Miss Luna has been jumping on my dresser in the wee hours of the morning. This results in knocking things over, or off, or into the litter box (ewww). I don't want her up there, and I have to leap out of bed and take her off every time.

Yesterday, I decided on another strategy. I moved some things and put some things elsewhere and made a nice space so she can jump up there and has room to lay down and she won't break anything or knock anything off. She purred like crazy when I put her up there last night. She used to sleep on a (shorter) dresser at the house, so maybe it's comforting to be able to now. I think she likes it.

Very early this morning, I heard a dreadful sound that I thought was Miss Luna falling off the dresser! As it turned out, Miss Luna was sitting at the door. The sound was one of my roommate's cats attempting to run away from her gaze but slipping on the lack of carpet in her escape. Still, it made my heart jump because I thought it was my kitty in trouble.

Miss Luna is getting better about coming out of the room. She finally finished her bowl of food, and actually played with her ball a little this morning. She's getting more comfortable. I'm so glad.

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