Thursday, November 06, 2008

Busy Ahead

I'll be off until next Wednesday. What I would really love to do is sit around, play some games, finish some projects, and take lots of naps. It won't be that way. It started out with Turtle and I making some tentative plans to get together. That's still going to hold up, but not in the best way I think it could.

First, there's tomorrow, which is probably going to be the most restful day of the five. I only need to run to the grocery store. Saturday, the ministry is having a festival planning party. I'll be making drunken meatballs in the morning. Sunday, I'll head to my parents' at some point and spend the evening with them. There might be some resting in Sunday as well. Monday, I need to take my car to the mechanic to fix what the other mechanic didn't fix and then I'll meet up with Turtle, and join her for her grandfather's funeral. After that and picking up my car, it's back to my place to check on the cats, then down to her place and she'll bring me home sometime Tuesday night. Whew!

I'm exhausted just typing about it!

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