Sunday, November 02, 2008

Caught on Camera

I think I need to get a YouTube account so I can have a way of posting this video of the trebuchet in action (I'll try to load the pictures later today, or possibly tomorrow). Oh, my stars, it was frikkin awesome! Some of the pumpkins were whole, some were carved and rotting, some were large, some were little and we flung them into the trees with glee, waiting for that distinct thud as they hit the forest floor.

There were two pumpkins that had been carved like the Death Star. The smaller of the two got blasted with the potato gun, but we didn't actually hit it. The whizzz from the projectile potato knocked it off the deck. It was recovered and met its proper end with pumpkin baseball. I've never seen so much blessed squash destruction!

After the death of many pumpkins by potato, metal bat, or trebuchet, we gathered for another late-night bonfire. This one lasted only until 0000 or so.

Hey, Fox! We need to practice with the fire steel. I got it to spark, but not to light the bonfire.

Today is massive cleaning day. I haven't done laundry in quite a while and I'm out of clean clothes! Tonight, Phoenix, her boyfriend, and I are heading back to the ministry for dinner with the proprietors. That should be nice.

Oh, and I almost forgot! My third godson, Alexander, was born yesterday evening. Mom was sleeping when LDS called me an hour after the event, but was doing alright. Happy happy!

And guess what? This is my one-thousandth post! Wow!

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