Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Flurries

Still nothing to write home about (or take pictures of!). It has amazed almost everyone at how suddenly it started feeling like winter. I like it though: the crisp air, the softly falling crystals of ice. Phoenix and I are hoping we'll get at least one good snow. There's no place to practice my snowboarding around here, though.

I have a small space heater in my bathroom. There are no vents in there, you see, so it gets quite cold, especially in the morning. So I have a little heater to warm the little room. Phoenix wakes up a little bit later than I do, and I don't want to bother her during those last few minutes of sleep. I asked if the heater was too loud when I turned it on in the mornings and she told me, "the heater doesn't turn me on." I used to think that roflmao was just a figure of speech. My roommate and I discovered it can be quite literal.

One more day of work to endure before a blissful, plan-less weekend that is sure to involve lots of crafting!

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