Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Didn't Quite Work

I've been working on an amigurumi based on a game item. While it came out just fine when I finished it today, I'm not happy with it. It could be better. I think I need to do that one in clay if I'm going to stick with the idea. I was working on that yarn piece all day, it's a little disappointing that it didn't work out the way my mental image painted it. (I had to change a few things because what I wanted to do ended up being too problematic.)

I had something in mind to make for Phoenix, and whenever I sit down to make it, I forget what it is! It's related to my garden gnomes. Now that I've written it, I hope I'll remember so I can start working on it tomorrow.

I still have two commission pieces to finish, but one of them may have to be on hold. He wants it for his young daughter, and I'm a little concerned it won't hold up to rough play. I think that means I need to do some testing!

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