Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shake Rattle and Roll

Just spent some time crocheting to the wonderful entertainment of Clue, the movie.

My mother hates it. I've always enjoyed it. I'm also unbeatable at the board game (so far). I have a strategy, you see. And I know it so well that I know how to prevent other players from using it against me. Yes, there's strategy in Clue. No, I won't share it with you!

I did some preliminary work for the Etsy shop that I will be opening up at some point. LDS is going to help me with some of the practical things. My job right now is to finish my commissions (yes, there is now more than one in the works) and then stock, stock, stock! I've got a list of what I want available, it's just a matter of making them. And it probably won't be until after the holidays. I know, I'm missing out on prime selling season, but with the current things people have asked me to make for them, the things I plan to make for people on my own gift list, and then building up some stock so I have something to list for sale, I don't think it will happen until the rush is over.

Remember the thing I made the other day that took a crazy four hours to finish? I've learned that it's going to take four hours and I just need to accept that. It's alright. It just means I won't be cranking them out much, lest my hands get crampy and my skin gets yarn-dry.

I was supposed to finish the scarf and socks, wasn't I? I've started two things before doing that. I'll finish the scarf right now!

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