Saturday, November 29, 2008

Out All Day

I could have had another Thanksgiving dinner with friends, but Pat and I had made plans to go shopping. Part of it was going to Costco where I don't yet have a membership. The last time we made plans, I had to cancel, and I was getting things I needed so I didn't have dinner with my friends to keep this outing we had planned weeks ago.

Most of my purchases were all about warmth in this cold and drafty condo. I got an oil-filled heater, some air deflectors for our vents, plastic insulation for the windows, and a warm, plush blanket for my bed. The other thing I needed was a printer, having abandoned my old and obsolete Lexmark for a nice Energy Star HP model. We found a great sale on the printer.

I think I might be getting a cold, so I made use of my new blanket and took a nice three hour nap. Now, it's time to play with the printer!

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