Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Go or Not to Go

Actually, that's not the question at all. The question is when.

I'll be heading home (it's so wonderful to be able to say that!) for Thanksgiving. Even at this late hour, I haven't decided if I'll leave tomorrow after work or Thursday morning. Assuming I'll get off of work at 1400 or so, I won't really be in the midst of traffic. And then I'll be able to wake up to the house filled with the smell of roasting turkey. And, I won't be doing so much driving in one day, because I have to come back on Thursday night so I can be at work on Friday.

I can't think of nearly as many benefits if I were to leave Thursday morning. Then again, I could leave here pretty early. No, I still think tomorrow is best. I can even pile up a bunch of food for Miss Luna. She'll be alright for two feedings without me.

I guess that means I should pack my overnight bag!

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