Monday, November 10, 2008

Up and Moving

I'm taking the car to the mechanic this morning. I don't think I talked about what happened at the new place. They put the car on the diagnostic thingy, told me the code that came up was related to the Oxygen sensors, but said they wanted to do $500 worth of other work to "rule out" the Oxygen sensors. HELLO?? I'm not a silly girl who doesn't know what's going on with my car! My family has owned seven Saturns among five people. We know what it means when the "service engine soon" light comes on, it's always been the same issue. I'm still getting more than thirty miles to the gallon (and that's not highway driving anymore) so why in the world would my ten-year old car need a power steering flush and an induction service when the code says it's the Oxygen sensors?? I'm not authorizing a thousand dollars worth of work when only five hundred is needed.

So, the car is going to the tried and true place where we've taken our cars for decades and I know they're not going to dick me around. Then Turtle will pick me up and we'll head over to the funeral home.

I've got the wrong position on this, I know. I wasn't happy that Turtle insisted on keeping our plans rather than rescheduling when we were talking about it on Thursday, but I've come to a different understanding. It's not that I don't much care for going to funerals, or that I didn't actually know the person being honored, or that Turtle and I haven't spent any time together for about two years and a funeral isn't the best place to start catching up. What's really going on is that my friend needs my support. And I'm going to be there.

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