Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm talking about my friend, Kaliis Smith (you may remember my blog post about her here). It was strange how I got to this point.

I knew she lived in Northampton and has been there for a while. Every now and then, I would Google her name and come up with little bits here and there, but never any way to reach her. I got a call from a merchant today, and somehow we mentioned people with usual and unusual names and how hard it is to find them, particularly the Smiths like the customer in question on this call. This, naturally, made me think of my friend, so I Googled her again. It's been about eight months or so since my last search.

To my breath-holding amazement, I found an article from July that was an interview with a band that she is in, located in Northampton. That article, praise whoever wrote it up and down, pointed music-eager readers to the band's MySpace page. And MySpace, as any who has it may know, has some way of getting in touch with other users. Now, all I have to do is hijack a friend who has a MySpace account (and I think Turtle will help me out here) and put my contact information in their court.

I'm beside myself with excitement. I think it's literal here: I'm shaking anyway! In my years of searching, I've never been as close to actually reaching her as I am right now. If I can't get Turtle to help out, I know Phoenix will. I really really really want to go home so I can start this ball rolling!

Don't worry, I'm drinking decaf today!

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