Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two Down

Last week, I brought all my yarn home from my parent's house. I have half-finished projects, never started projects, and skeins that have no specific project at all. I also have new projects. This season is a great time for yarn projects. And, I'm glad I have so much yarn because it's really getting expensive!

I finished two projects today. One was new, and a part of a set, so I'm not ready to tell you about it yet. The other was a muff. I got this idea when I started loom knitting, and my incomplete muff sat on the loom for probably a year or more. I finished it today, and it's nice and cozy, and I feel accomplished. Yay!

Let's see...other incomplete projects are a couple scarves, an afghan, a shrug, and a pair of socks. I think I'll tackle one of the scarves first, then the socks. That sounds like a good way to go. I'll free up my yarn for other things in no time!

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