Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cleaning and More Cleaning

In the absence of First Night Annapolis, Fox and Fae are coming over tomorrow for New Years Movie Night! We're going to have food and snacks and a fire in the fire place, and ring in the new year with a marathon of some movie series.

We haven't settled on what series yet. We're looking at something that will occupy us until the wee hours of the morning. It probably won't be a Harry Potter marathon; there are just too many of them. But we could always curl up with Lord of the Rings, or Pirates of the Caribbean, or Back to the Future, or Jurassic Park, or Indiana Jones, or something in the Star Wars universe. There are plenty of options, and plenty of DVDs to keep us occupied until we scream for breakfast and cozy beds.

This means mom and I had to do some cleaning to make the house presentable for NYMN07. We cleaned the dining room and the living room and we'll have to produce another chair from somewhere (don't worry, I have one).

I'm the only poor sod in my house who has to go to work tomorrow. But at least I get to take mom's CR-V!

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