Saturday, December 08, 2007

She Reminds Me of Sunshine

That's what my mother said about our visiting calico. "It's her bright gold eyes," I told her. The kitty's coat isn't that bright. She has some white, and big patches of blue (gray) and cream (light orange). She would be what they call a dilute calico.

She was at the door this morning, which I figured she would be, and dad was able to get her in the carrier and sat her in the house. NOT GOOD! What if she has FIV, or FeLV, or fleas?!?!?!

We moved her into the garage and set up a liter box and some food and water. She does have some flea dirt on her (great), and an appointment for a blood test and worming at 1045 this morning.

Mom maintains that we can't have another cat. I know she's right. But I've got a few people on the look out for someone who may be able to take her. If she's clear of disease, I'll be happy to foster her until we can find a home.

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