Monday, December 31, 2007

I Didn't Actually Kill It

I started messing with my websites yesterday. Well, one site in particular. There's something I want to add and I was trying to find out how to do it (to be added to the other site later, once I figure it out). I thought I got it but, when I went to publish, I found all the information that connected my program to my host was gone. The site, the directory, the access id, all of it gone. I don't remember how I set it up before, and I don't remember where I found the information to do it. Panic mode on. The website itself wasn't gone, mind you, just all the fancy settings that allow me to publish it.

I tried a few things, I looked up a few more things, it still wouldn't connect. "The specified directory does not exist, would you like to create it?" it said. No, I don't want to create it, it's already there! But it wasn't there, there was nothing for the program to connect or upload to. Panic mode still on!

If the directory was gone, then that would mean my website was gone too, right? I went to the host first, and couldn't find my directory. Then I tried to open the site itself and was met not with the familiar blue on gray background, but the horror of website errors "This page cannot be displayed." What the heck! I was just trying to add something special and I killed my website!!

Well, logic settled in after that, and I decided to check my other page. This one is built with different software and I haven't updated it since the solstice when I changed an image, so I couldn't have killed that one too. Sure enough, that purple page could not be displayed either. We all know what that means, right? The host was down. Of course the program couldn't connect to the host, the host wasn't working at the time. Of course my sites couldn't load, the host wasn't working at the time. Whew! Panic mode off, and I felt a little silly for overreacting like I did. Of course I couldn't have wiped out my site, I didn't actually publish anything because the thing couldn't connect because the host was down!

I guess I was just really excited to add this thing I think will be neat if I can get it to work, that I wasn't thinking with sense when it wasn't working. Really, everything's ok. I went to bed reminding myself to check the sites in the morning because I know they will be there and just fine. I did, and they were. Silly me.

Today is going to be a long day at work. I'm only allowed to go home an hour early, which really isn't going to help my plans at all. And I still have to fill in for those two people who weren't here on Friday and aren't here again today. That's what happens when everyone else is off: I get screwed. I wonder if it's too early to ask for the days after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years off next year....

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