Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Too Polite to Say Shut Up About It

During my limited thirty minute lunch, I got to hear WAM boast about her family's connection to the royal lines of Scotland and England. "This person signed the Magna Carta, and this person fought alongside William Wallace, and this person was related to Henry VIII, and actually we can go back to Henry IV, and this person was a cousin of MacBeth, and then they came to this country because I guess they didn't want to be royalty anymore and-" I really wanted to scream OH WHO CARES! but, I'm just too polite. And I don't want WAM to get all pissy at me.

I can think of a hundred things I would rather have been doing during my lunch than listen to WAM prattle on about things mightily irrelevant. I even brought out my computer and attempted to get some writing done, but she just wouldn't shut up.

And at this very moment she's talking to another co-worker about it.

But she's off tomorrow and then for the rest of the year and I won't have to hear about it for at least a week.

Thank whatever is out there for small favors!

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