Saturday, December 08, 2007

She's Ok

Our little guest is anywhere from six to twelve months old, and she might be eight or nine months, because cats reach puberty around then. The reason Dr Springer pointed that out is because she might be pregnant!

I've never had to deal with a pregnant cat before. One thing is certain; I am not interested in trying to find if she had an owner. The main reason for this is that it's terribly irresponsible to not spay your cat. There's a popular myth that it's somehow good for female cats to have a litter before you spay them. This is a myth, people! It does not improve their temperament to let them have a litter! You are contributing to the already massive overpopulation of cats! There are more cats in the world/country/county/city where you live than there are homes to put them in. Don't add to that! Morons....

Also, if she had an owner, they were irresponsible in letting her outside in this freezing and snowy weather. No, I'm not concerned with trying to find someone who may have owned her. What I will do is find some people who are responsible and will take care of her.

The main reason why I don't want to keep her is because I don't want a new cat to affect the personalities of my current ones. Cat owners know how that can happen! Our guest is in my brother's old room right now. She spent some time on my lap. Such a sweet thing.

We've got feelers out. Someone somewhere must know someone who wants a cat that may need a tiny bit of extra care and may be expecting a litter in a month. She got a rabies shot today, so they won't have to worry about that.

And in the process of typing this, I think I may have found someone who wants to keep her. One of my coworkers who, like me, is against bringing her to a shelter is IMing that she and her roommates would like a good housecat. If they're all going to pitch in for the vet bills, I have no problem turning her over. I know this coworker cares about animals. She raises rats and loves dogs, but just my story of this sweet kitty is melting her heart too. Good news for sweet sunshine kitties who need good homes that I would provide if I could. (Course, I may get first dibs on kittens.)

I'll be sure to get a picture before she leaves my care.


Willow Goldentree said...

We're pretty positive that Ashy had babies before we got her...she's so annoying when she goes hunting for them in our house. You're so right about it just being a myth. Pandora loved her before she went into heat, now, well...You know the rest.

Fox said...

Thumps up, on a great job. The world needs all kinds of hero's.