Thursday, December 06, 2007

What Would You Wish For?

Many cultures have myths or legends about some supernatural being granting a wish to some lucky person who found the secret by chance or deliberate action.

A magic djinn in a lamp will grant you three wishes. You also get three if you catch a leprechaun. Some faeries will grant wishes. You say a wish with the tossing of a coin into a well and blowing out of candles on your birthday cake. Folding one thousand origami cranes puts the gods themselves on hand to grant your wish.

The most common wish, according to wish experts, is some kind of wealth. I suppose that means that most wishers believe money will buy happiness, or rather happiness isn't important.

Beyond getting things, the act of wishing teaches sensible people to identify that which they want the most and therefore allow them to set goals for themselves.

If you could have anything at all in the world, what would you wish for? If you found that djinn in the old oil lamp, or saw that star streaking across the sky, or pulled the bigger half of the wishbone, or folded one thousand cranes, what would you want granted to you?

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