Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Full Cold Moon

The Cold Moon, also sometimes called the Long Nights Moon, is so named because of the long, cold nights of midwinter. Yule isn't actually the first day of winter. Meteorologically, we're about half way through.

Yesterday, the middle day of the three day full moon cycle, was the most opportune moment for me to begin a spell that will be unfinished until the moon waxes again.

This is actually a simple candle spell, I had originally intended for it to be a seven day spell - I tend to have much success with those - but the timing was not quite right. Spell work is really like anything you do; you get out of it what you put into it. A spell that gets completed over the course of several days becomes more effective because it is focused for a longer period of time.

I began by clearing my altar, and setting it to the north (where I normally start in the east). I placed two candles upon it, a green one for monetary prosperity, and an orange one for a successful endeavour. I cleansed and charged each candle with Reiki while thinking about my purpose and what I hope to obtain. I lit the wicks, the green one on the left first, and sat before my candles in meditation. About an hour of this concentration about what I wanted to draw to me was all I could hold, so I snuffed the candles and went to bed.

They will remain on my altar until the new moon, when I will light them again and meditate until they burn out. My goal is to finish at the next full moon and therefore come full circle. During the waning period, I will be physically putting my desire into motion. Even if you trust your spellwork, you should never just perform a spell. If you want money, for example, a great big wad of cash is not going to fall out of the sky and into your lap. You have to take action; mind your spending, work overtime, whatever you need to do to help things along. That money you're looking for will come in a natural way, but it won't come at all if you're not doing anything to encourage it.

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