Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There Are No Interstates in England

Some years ago, I was at work, eating lunch with Doug (who remembers Doug?). We were talking about my then-recent trip to England. Doug has dual-citizenship with England and the US, you see, so my photo album was a little bit of a journey home to him.

While we were talking about my trek to Stonehenge (which included my friend, a local, driving us there), someone else in the lunch room suddenly burst out, "I heard they have no interstates in England!"

Befuddled, both Doug and I looked up with the same expression on our face, and at the same time in the same disbelieving tone said, "That's because they have no states in England!"

I think I've been here too long. It's about time I travel again. And even though the strange state of Idaho is like another country, I'm not counting that. It's not the same thing, being not actually another country.

I wouldn't mind another trip to England, but I really want to see Ireland some day. And Egypt, and Greece, and Japan, and Australia, and Spain, and Brazil, but Ireland is at the top of my list. You know, a trip across the pond really isn't that expensive, relatively speaking. A couple thousand greenbacks can get you a nice tour for a week or so, or a few hundred for a glorified weekend. That last one wouldn't be enough, of course!

Or, I'll take another trip to London, there are still a few things I haven't seen.


Willow Goldentree said...


Oh goodness, Idaho is like another country, but you're right, it's not, so a trip abroad sounds like a nice idea. :) Let me know when and I'll pack my bags. ;-)

Fyrecreek said...

Get ye a passport, my dear, and we'll start planning! ;-)