Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Not Celebrated By Everyone

Today consisted of a lot of sitting around. I exchanged gifts with my parents, my mother went to church, we took a walk around the neighborhood, baked a pie, and sat around with our video games.

When the pie was done, it was off to my grandmother's for dinner. This was another opportunity for my aunt to yell at me for desiring to move out. Her point of view, of course, is that she's been living with naught but her dog Shelley for the past eleven years since her husband died. It strangely does not feel like it's been that long. I understand her point of view. I also understand that she's 90 years old and from a very different generation than I.

I received two text messages from two friends wishing me a Merry Christmas. It's very odd, I usually have no problem being wished a nice day even if it's a holiday that doesn't have any particular significance to me. For some reason, I couldn't return their greetings. I had no problem calling out "Merry Christmas" at my neighbors while my mother and I walked this morning, so I really don't understand why I'm having this reaction. Maybe I'm a little upset at my own neglect that I didn't wish either of them a Happy Yule, even though I know one doesn't celebrate it and I'm not sure about the other. It's a peculiar place to find myself in.

Now, we're all stuffed with food and can't get to sleep. There's time for more video games!

And if you do celebrate it: I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. And to my two friends (who don't read this anyway), thank you for your wishes, and I hope you also had a happy day.

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