Wednesday, January 23, 2008


One would think that if there was a group called the Fluffy Pink Bunny Group, they would deal with all aspects of fluffy pink bunnies. There's also an Oddly-Colored Mammal Group, that has to deal with purple wolves, yellow seals, and green platypus, all of which do not have a specialized group of their own like the fluffy pink bunnies do. But occasionally, the green platypus have to be ignored while someone from the Oddly-Colored Mammal group deals with a fluffy pink bunny, even though they haven't been trained to deal with a fluffy pink bunny because all of that training went to the Fluffy Pink Bunny Group.

The thing that gets me is that, even though fluffy pink bunnies fall under the umbrella of the Oddly-Colored Mammal Group, they're the only mammal that has special consideration. It seems to me that all aspects of fluffy pink bunnies should then be handled by their specialized group, so that the Oddly-Colored Mammal Group can give proper attention to the purple wolves and green platypus and things. Isn't that the point of a specialized group?

Yes, I've been dealing with a lot of fluffy pink bunnies, and I've never been trained on how to handle them, being not a member of the Fluffy Pink Bunny Group. I suppose the Fluffy Pink Bunny Group was only trained to deal with problems with their feet, and they pass off problems with their body, tail, nose, or ears to the Oddly-Colored Mammal Group. The poor green platypus, my area of speciality, need attention too, but they have to wait while I deal with fluffy pink bunny ears, though I've never been trained on how to do that. And the real kicker is that green platypus don't have ears.

If you want to know, dear blog readers, this lovely little analogy came to me on the drive home from yet another annoyingly stressful day yesterday. A nice evening and a decent nights sleep made me realize something.

It's not that the Fluffy Pink Bunny Group is too lazy to deal with all aspects of fluffy pink bunnies (actually, it is, but that's beside the point, really). It's that they get passed off to me because the bosses know I'll take good care of them. I'll check our their eyes and nose and tail too while I'm taking care of their ears, though I still haven't a clue how to take care of their feet. And they also know I'll still give my green platypus as much care as I possibly can even though I'm dealing with the fluffy pink bunnies too.

See, I'm a problem-solver. I used to pride myself on being a problem-solver, but recently, it's been more of an annoyance. I need to find that again, that ability that I had to fix things and feel good about it because I did a better job than the people who broke the thing. And while I gently caution myself with one of my father's favorite, un-sourced, quotes: "Young Hero, be warned. If you save the world often enough, it comes to expect it," I need to remember that problem-solver and go-to girl are really not bad titles to hold.

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Fox said...

Those tittles are good & something to be proud of, though at times a heavy burden.