Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not Sure if Stranger Things Have Happened

I got to spend a little time with Monty today. His third child and first daughter was born earlier this week and his wife insisted he was due a little "Monty time" because of the everything he's been doing. Sounds great, right?

As it turned out, our planned outing of food and cheap horror flick in his neck of the woods had a few snags. The first was that I haven't been sleeping very well lately and last night was no exception. Due to this, I had a headache. Because of this, it seemed that cavorting around an area that I don't really know in the dark of night would not have been a good idea. Nice that my friend agreed with me. We decided on a compromise; we'd meet at the theater where I used to work, a good thirty minute drive for both of us. Sounded great. Except that the time that Monty was 'allowed' to be out was reduced to either food or a flick, there suddenly wasn't time for both.

Based on the times the flick was showing and the fact that I really needed food, we chose to go with just a decently nice dinner. And it was, Monty even got to reconnect with someone who used to work for him.

During our various conversations which didn't involve talk about the baby (I'm not really a baby person, it only reminds me that I won't have any), we got to talking about my house.

Some time ago, I think I mentioned how I don't enjoy being out with Monty like I used to. We always manage to start talking about how really awful his life is. Really, it's me listening to him complain about mowing his very green grass, around the kids in the yard and the wife in the kitchen making mimosas. Yes, yes, I know his life really isn't that picturesque, but it still bugs me to hear him complain about his kids, his spouse, his mortgage. We did get a little of that in today, and when he asked me if his grass was really greener, I had a reply to which he had none, "I'd like to have a problem like that."

Anyway, we only spoke briefly about that, and it was in reference to why our evening was cut short. And before any of you, fair readers, want to yell at me for taking a man out of his house when his wife just had a baby; she gave me permission. I made him put her on the phone so I could hear it from her that it was ok.

So, the story that I'm trying to tell is a part of our conversation. I told him about the house. And I told him about my reality of it. No, I'm not imagining watching deer frolic in the green while I sit on my porch drinking tea. Though, that may happen and it'd be cool. My reality is that I'm expecting I'll spend many a night on a couch in my house, clutching my TV cow and crying that I'm still oh, so lonely. I'm expecting to spend many a good Saturday vacuuming. And, I'm expecting to swim through mud on rainy days to get to my car. I'm also expecting to fill my house with the smell of cheesecake baking in my kitchen. I'm expecting to paint my windows like stained glass. I'm expecting to get more practice time with my instruments and ventriloquism, because there's no one else in the house to bother. Sure, I'll have to clean up some dirt from the carpet, but it will be mine to clean.

Monty said he thinks I'm ready for it. He thinks I've done my research and made my plan, and a good plan that will work for me. He thinks I don't have an unrealistic view of what I'm facing. Coming from someone who has three out of the four things I wanted in life, that means quite a lot.

We didn't go our ways yesterday with me feeling how I always seem to feel when we get together. That's nice. I'm not sure if stranger things have happened, but I'm sure glad I had the support of my friend today.

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