Wednesday, January 09, 2008


But that's quite alright.

Welcome to my 700th post!

I bought a nice weekly planner for this year, and made a nice book cover for it an everything. These things go thoroughly unused by me, so I decided I was going to use this one. My aunt and uncle also gave me one. Now I have two!

For the one that I bought, I've been making notes in it much like a journal. You know, a bit about the weather and some general feelings or things I did for the day. Yesterday's entry was just that, "uneventful."

The planner I was given is being used kind of as a notebook. I've got a list of all the Phantom comic books I have (and which ones I need) and I've decided to see how long it will take me to see a license plate from every state, so the growing list is there too. Before you laugh, what else do you expect me to do along one hundred miles of commute?

I almost did something different to my blog that nobody reads again, but I don't think that's quite where I want to put what I'm thinking. I'm thinking I'll need a new blog just for it. Right, how many blogs do I need? Maybe that's another use for the notepad/planner, now that I think about it.

So, yesterday was uneventful, but today was not. I started writing this around 0800 or so. At 0830, I got called into an impromptu meeting with Adolf and Boss². I had no reason to dread this meeting, so I figured they were either going to tell me I was too far behind in some things and needed to shape up, or give me another project. It was really neither, but kind of the latter. According to Adolf, I've been doing great these past five months and they've decided I needed to move up.

My department has several groups within it, and there are three levels plus senior within each group. We eliminated one group about a year ago, and I was the only person to ever make level three in that group. But, when I was moved to the new group, it wasn't equivalent to a three there, it was equivalent to a level two. I've been level two for quite some time. This little meeting changed that. Ding! You are now level three! (There's a little EverQuest reference in there.)

What being level three means is that, not only am I expected to continue to put out the quality and quantity of work that I have been doing, I'm also going to have to take on more things, and not let said quality/quantity waver. I'm also expected to maintain my good attitude, a feature Boss² has always held of great importance, and continue to come in on time. I've been pretty good about both these points lately. Oddly enough, I even chided the two people I eat lunch with yesterday for saying that they feel they're above certain work assigned to them, even though they're both seniors and we're all expected to do certain things as assigned. But, I'm just a peon, what do I know?

Oh, and since I'm now a higher level peon, that also means I'll get a nice 75¢ per hour increase in my salary. That's actually a pretty decent raise.

Hopefully, they won't dump a whole lot of extra work on me right away. I actually am behind on a few things right now. But, that's alright. I'll manage.


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