Thursday, January 17, 2008

First One Here

Yes, you'll notice this is quite an early morning for me. I'm working my overtime before the regular day in anticipation of some yucky weather later on. Ice is easier to navigate when you have daylight!

It should be noted that I'm not working this overtime because of the favor I'm doing for Boss² but for what it will do to my paycheck.

It is quite strange to arrive at work with all the lights on and not a soul here. I guess that makes dad and I the craziest people who work here! And I plan to do it again tomorrow. I'm still pissed off at everyone, so I'll be working a little slow today.

On the way in, we passed a deer. She looked up as we drove by. She was eating in a field where trees used to be. And she lived there, and frolicked, and was happy. Now, it is a field, and at the other side, huge monstrosities of houses that only people with more dollars than sense can afford. Poor deer. I hope she finds another forest where she can live, and frolic, and be happy. That's the way things should be.

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