Saturday, January 05, 2008

Not Much Happening Today

This morning saw a very quick shopping trip. Mom and I have discovered that shopping goes quicker when we don't stop at Target. Funny thing.... I only needed some more crickets: less than two bucks. Yup, it was a big spending day.

After we got home, I smeared henna paste on my head. While that set, I cleaned out the anole terrarium and the cricket tank, played some video games, and took a nap. Then I rinsed the gunk out, watched a movie with mom, and here I am!

I did take my cartilage piercings out for the first time since I had them done to clean off the henna. Now, they're both really sore. Too much handling, I guess. I should have taken them out before I gumped my hair, I know. I'll remember for next time!

And that's all, folks!

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