Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Right now, that's sleep.

Fox and Fae came over a little later than expected Monday, but still with plenty of time to have our end of the year movie fest. We had a ton of food, and we picked away at it all through the night. Through Harry Potter 5, and Shrek 3, and Spiderman 3.

We paused briefly just after the ball dropped in New York. So what if we were a little late?! If Fae hadn't been on the phone with her dad, we would have been in the middle of Shrek 3 and probably not even noticed that the end of 2007 had passed right on by.

Around 0430 (you know, my normal wake-up time), we decided we couldn't stay awake for the last movie and so went to bed. Miss Luna was terribly confused as to why we were all awake and there were strangers in the house, and she didn't want us all to be sleeping in the morning. Eventually she settled down in the dark corners of my closet.

After about six hours of sleep (after twenty-four hours of awakeness for me), we got up, made breakfast, and watched the last movie: Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

The weather was nice, so mom and I took a walk after our friends headed for home. Then it was a little bit of cooking before we set out to my grandmother's for dinner that included the traditional black eyed peas and leafy greens (it's supposed to be for good luck in the year or something).

I really wanted a nap before we left, but that didn't work. And I really wanted to not eat a lot of food, and I sort of did that. At least there won't be any feasting like this again until about Easter. Whew!

I stayed up a little late last night working on something for my other blog that no one reads, which I decided not to do anyway. But that means I am totally tired today!

And the day isn't moving very fast at all, just like any sudo-Monday.

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